Sunday, May 1, 2011

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It's been a while since I last checked and I have some good things to say about it. First and foremost I'm impressed by the amount of customization that can be done with the look and feel of one's blog. The old Blogger felt cramped because it didn't allow much customization beyond changing the colour here and there. Most designs were hard to like and so generic. It was the antithesis of what a blog should be and that is personalized and unique.

The feature that surprised me the most was the "Template Designer". I vividly remember the amount of browsing it took me just to choose a theme that was not great but only acceptable. Most templates were either narrow or forced me to have more coloumns than I wanted. Considering that I'm a simple guy and feel myself influenced by appeal, I was really put off by the predefined molds that were called choice. Now I understand that large services need ways to modularize their offerings and I am not complaining, but rather stating the facts that affected me and had the greater share in shaping my blogging habits. Basically I subconsciously decided that I wasn't going to be caught dead blogging on the old Blogger and I happened to live to tell about it.

Smiles :)
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